BA Series

BA series consists of three phase,asynchronous brake motors totally enclosed fan cooled.BA series range starts from 71 up to225 frame size.The motor brakes in case of power supply failure.The braking action is always secured through a very quick and precise stop assuring a safe and prompt stop in case of unintentionalpower supply failure.The brake torque remains the same in both directions of rotation and the motor brakes without shaft axialsliding.As a standard the brake is AC 3-phase voltage supply with brake leads connected with motor leads ina single terminalboard while on request it is possible to supply the brake separately with a second terminalboard or to have a DC brake supply with a built-in rectifier fitted inside the terminal box.The rectifier is provided withover-voltage and radio frequencies emission protection devices. BA series motors tolerate high overloading rate and are capable of withstanding overheating so as to guarantee the best reliability even under tough operating conditions.All MGM series motors have been designed to be controlled by Inverters.The motor windingInsulation Is class F,while class H Is available on request.Motor construction type is totally enclosed externally cooled and IP54 enclosure QP55 andIP56 available on request). Motors up to 132frame size are fittedas standard with a hexagonalhole on the shalt at the nondrive end to allow manualrotation, even if power is off. All BA series motors are provided as standard with hand brake release screw.

BA series brake disc has a large lining surface that allows high brake torque,low disc wear and consequently low maintenance cost. The brake torque can be easily adjustable to the desired value just by screwing some nuts.Thanks to its specialconstruction the brake friction surface is self-ventilated on the motor side,permitting a high brake workload and keeping brake time constant. The brake lining materialis asbestos free.

BA series motor frame is made of die cast,light metal on motors up to 132 size and the terminalboard box,provided with cable glands and plugs,is positioned 180┬░above the motor support feet.The frame is made of cast iron starling from 160 frame size and the terminalbox is located on the right side (drive-end view).Shields and flanges are made of aluminium on motors up to 90 frame size,and of cast iron on motors of 100 frame size and above.As standard feet are frame integrated (they are not simply attached to the frame) on IM B3 mounting (foot mounted) making the motor very sturdy.This feature is very important for those applications where the motor is much stressed during the starts and stops.

The brake friction surfaces are made of cast iron as a standard.The brake moving element and the brake coilhave a laminated nucleus to reduce electricallosses and1D secure a very quick brake intervention. BA series main features are its sturdy construction, quick braking action,constant braking time,high number of permissible starVstop cycles also under severe applications,easily adjustable brake torque, low maintenance costs.