Dynamic Drives For Small AC Motors

Clever And Easy To Use

Prepared forthe real world

⇒ The Emotron VSU is a dynamic drive for use in all industrial application where simplicity, reliability and productivity are required.

⇒ Standard rated for 50 degrees C @ 8kHz switching frequency.

⇒ Heavy duty drive for various applications.

⇒ Robust drives with conformal coated boards enable application in hotand humid climate.

⇒ Detachable cooling fan for easy cleaning or replacement.

Simple To Commission And Use

Emotron VSU is an easy drive - easy to connect, easy to configure and easy to install.

All connectors are generously sized and clearly labeled.

The keypad is user-friendly with max LEOs to display

status and minimum keys for ease of configuration.

Excellent Control Performance

⇒ up to 180% torque@ 0.25Hz (sensorless vector)

⇒ <10 ms torque response

⇒ Speed control range up to 1 :200 (sensorless vector)

⇒ Speed control accuracy up to 0.2% (sensorless vector)

⇒ Online autotuning of motor parameters

Special Features

⇒ Built in brake chopper

⇒ Modbus RS485 as default

⇒ Detachable keypad with parameter copy function

⇒ Parameter backup

⇒ Common DC bus

⇒ Free switchover between two motors' parameters

⇒ Flexible parameter displayed

⇒ Various master & auxiliary command and switchover

⇒ Speed search start

⇒ Variety of accelldecel curves optional

⇒ Automatic correction of analog, contracting brake

⇒ 16-step speed control programmable (2-step speed supports flexible frequency command)

⇒ Wobble frequency control

⇒ Fixed length control

⇒ Count function

⇒ Three faults recorded

⇒ Over excitation brake

⇒ Over voltage stall protection

⇒ Under voltage stall protection

⇒ Restart upon power loss

⇒ Skip frequency

⇒ Frequency binding

⇒ Four kinds of accel/decel time

⇒ Motorthermal protection

⇒ Flexible fan control

⇒ Process PID control

⇒ Multi-functional key programmable

⇒ Droop control

⇒ Parameter identification

⇒ Field-weakening control

⇒ High-precision

⇒ Torque restraint

⇒ V/f separated control

⇒ Vector control