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Energy Efficient Motors

  Energy Efficient Motors

Crompton Greaves Ltd., a pioneering leader with more than 60 years of experience and expertise in the management of electric energy, is today India's largest private sector enterprise in electrical engineering, with a turnover exceeding Rs.1800 crores. The Company has 28 manufacturing units, 19 branch offices and a network of dealers, distribution and service centres all over India. L T Motors division, for the past six decades has lead the industry in developing motors that deliver greater performance and reliability while using less electricity. The motors are indigenously manufactured at the Crompton Greaves State-of-the-art plant at Ahmednagar thus consistently ensuring conformance to National and International standards for energy conservation and environment preservation.


Crompton Greaves has now developed a complete family of high efficiency motors confirming to Eff level 1 standards of IEEMA : 19-2000 and other applicable standards in Europe and rest of the world.
These motors are available in TEFC construction for use in safe areas and also in flameproof enclosure for use in Hazardous areas.

Higher efficiencies are achieved by following special features:
* Low loss special grade of thinner laminations. This reduces the Iron loss even at partial loads.
* Thicker conductors and more copper contents reduce copper loss due to lower resistance.
* Longer core length, reduced and uniform air gap between stator and rotor to reduce stray losses.
* Special design of fan and fan cover to reduce windage Losses.

Improved efficiency is available from 60 % to 100 % load. The eff curve is almost flat resulting in higher energy savings as in most of the cases the motor is not always fully loaded.
The special design features also result in lower operating temperatures, which enhance the life of motor and reduce the maintenance costs.
These motors have inherently low noise and vibration and help in conservation of environment.
Crompton Greaves energy efficient motors offer an additional feature, which no other manufacturer offers.
These motors are with highest power factor in the industry due the special exclusive designs available with Crompton Greaves.
The higher power factor reduces the currents in the cables supplying power to motor and this reduces cable loss, improving the system efficiency sometimes by even 2 %. Sometimes this allows even a lower cable size saving tremendously on capital costs. Reducing capacitors required improving power factor also makes saving.

Efficiency Level 1
* 0.37 kW to 450 kW, (2 pole to 8 pole)
* Frame sizes: 71 to 400 for TEFC 80 to 315 for Flame proof
* The entire range is available in IEC frames sizes (Metric range) and also in NEMA frames

Conform to following standards:
* IEEMA: 19-2000
* IS 12615
* IS 325-1996 & IEC 34

IEEMA 19-2000 standard covers kW ratings only up to 160kW. However we are offering energy efficient motors up to 450 kW.


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